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About Sam

About Sam

Sam is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Anxiety Expert, Business Mindset Coach, and National Speaker. She has worked with hundreds of people and shown them that there is a better way than just trying to manage anxiety, but real strategies to overcome it. Her passion is working with female entrepreneurs who are struggling with fear and anxiety that keeps getting in the way of their business success. When women work with Sam, they are given a roadmap that leads to gaining complete confidence and control in their life and business.

My Story

My business journey had a really rough beginning and I used to carry a lot of shame about that. But it is something I am so proud of today. I used to let fear of failure and what other people think completely control me. My anxiety got so bad, that for the first year of my business I barely did anything. But the hardest thing about that time was that I let my fear put so much distance between my passion and purpose. It caused me to almost quit my dream of having a business where I could help more people. And it made me feel so unhappy. When we have that spark of excitement in starting a business, it feels as if the path will just continue to move.  However, it’s easy to let fear and anxiety take over.

The truth is, fear and anxiety will always happen when we step outside of our comfort zones. So I had to go back to my Why and figure out a plan to overcome my fears. Once I outlined that plan for myself, I have never looked back. I made less than $300 my first year in business and now I have built 2 six-figure companies. And the key to finally having the confidence to take action in my entrepreneur journey, was to find that freedom from my fear. And that is why when I help my clients do the same, I feel so much happiness for them because I know what it is like to make that transformation. I never want any woman to let her fear stand in the way of her gifts and all that she has to offer!