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Once you become fearless, your life becomes limitless.

Hey! I’m Sam

I am not just a licensed therapist and mindset business coach…I am someone who used to struggle with severe anxiety. I was someone who became a therapist so I could avoid and distract from my anxiety by solely focusing on helping others. I was a top-notch perfectionist, people pleaser, and over-thinker. And just like anyone who has anxiety, the more I clung to those parts of myself, the longer I stayed on the hamster wheel of anxiety which led to things becoming worse for my life and business.

Millions of people suffer with anxiety and struggle to manage the chaos of everything that comes with it. The only way to overcome anxiety is to go right through it. And that feels scary, uncomfortable, and down right impossible. But I pushed myself to come up with a plan of how I was going to finally find freedom from the anxiety that was holding me back. And I did! I have worked with hundreds of people and shown them they don’t have to settle to just learn to live with their anxiety, they can put an end to it. And each time they push themselves outside of their comfort zone and begin to feel a little anxiety again, they have the resilience plan to keep pushing through it. It’s not just my clients who are living proof these strategies work, I am my own first testimonial.

I believe everyone deserves peace and happiness. Being apart of this community and working with me gives people the roadmap on HOW to finally get there. Let’s transform you and your life, together!